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This is a brief Club Newsletter that is timed to reach you at the start of the new season. The 2018 Club
Handbooks have now been printed and every member should soon have one waiting to be collected from
their pigeon hole in the clubhouse. A reminder that all members are invited to attend the pre-season
meeting at 2.30pm on Saturday 21st April.

Message from Club Captain
“First of all I would like to thank all of our committee members for their hard work during the past year.
Most members do not realise exactly how much hard work is involved in keeping our club running
smoothly, even during the winter months. I would particularly like to extend a special thanks to Peter
Martin my vice captain.
The friendly games went very well last season, with the mid week games (run by Peter Martin) doing
particularly well.
On the subject of friendly games, as from the forthcoming season the committee has decided to introduce
a new system which is similar to the nomination of rink stewards. But instead there will be for a rota for
making tea, which means two members of the team on the day will be nominated for this task. We hope to
have both a mix of female and a male player, this then shares the duty instead of it always falling to the
same people every time. We do have a dishwasher now, so it only needs to be loaded and a washing tablet
added and the job is done, well apart from switching it on and also emptying the tea pots of course.

I wish all members a healthy and successful forthcoming season, let us hope we all do well again!! I also
hope the green plays a little better than last year and we are making endeavours in that direction. Please
take care of your green as it's our main asset, and if you see anybody taking divots out, please remember
to put the protection mats down.”
Brian Sims

Message from Club Secretary
“I hope you have all fared well over the winter and are looking forward to bowling outside on our superb
green. The green opens on Sunday 22nd April when there will be the usual drive for those of you who
entered their names on the invitation list that was posted in the clubhouse. Latecomers who haven’t put
their names down need to contact the organiser Brian Sims.
Our thanks should go to Captain Brian Sims who has worked in conjunction with our greenkeeper Graham
Wickes to keep our Green in excellent condition; thanks to Bob Pooley for arranging all the club
competitions and handbooks, and to our Ladies’ Captain Lee Robinson and Club Vice Captain Peter
Martin. Thanks also to our President Sid Slater who has done a great job, and also to Steve Young who
has kept control of the club’s finances. And finally thanks to everyone who has helped during the past year
to make this club such a successful and friendly place.
Please remember to use the Rink Book (on the wall near the Gents’ Changing Room) to book rinks for any
personal competition games. New members are reminded that they can put their names down for any
friendly games on the sheets on the Notice Boards.
Enjoy the 2018 bowling season.”
Valerie Poel

Message from Club Vice-Captain

“Welcome to all members of Stock and Buttsbury Bowling Club for the new season. Personally, I can't
wait for new playing season to start. I hope we get a good response from our new players to join in rollups
every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and also the friendly matches that are played on both weekdays
and Saturday's. On a different note if there is anyone available to assist in the bar on league nights or
social occasions then please contact either Peter Martin or Stephen Chandler.”
Peter Martin


Look out for the mixed weekday and weekend friendly matches which are all displayed on the notice board
inside the clubhouse by the kitchen. Ladies-only friendlies are on the notice board inside the ladies
changing room. This is where you can play home and away matches which are, as the game suggests,
just friendly games where you meet bowlers not just from your own club, but from other clubs. By putting
your name down on the list, you are likely to be placed with a team of more experienced bowlers who can
help you with any tips or questions you may have about the game. Bear in mind that there are limited
numbers for these games, so you may not always be chosen to play every time.
Apart from these, the Green Opening times are from 10am until dusk each day during the summer season,
except Wednesdays when the green is open from 1pm. This is when you can use the green at any time to
suit yourself, either to practise on your own or with other bowlers from within the club at times to suit
yourself. Just look on the board outside the club door to see which rinks are available for “roll ups” and
only use these rinks so as to keep our green at it’s best.
The opportunity also exists for all members to partake in the various club knock-out competitions and also
to play in the club’s league teams.
So, all in all, you can play as little or as often as you like, seven days a week. Remember of course the
more you practise, the luckier you get. Enjoy your game, enjoy your bowls. Your only competitor, is you –
good luck and happy bowling.”
Rita Fabbri

New Players
New Club members, especially if they are new to the game of bowls, can often benefit from being able to
turn to someone for advice on anything to do with the Club. Whilst any existing club member would
undoubtedly be willing to help a new player, it has been decided that named mentors be available to
provide guidance to new members if they require it. Please add your name to the sheet that has been
posted on the notice board if you would like to act as a mentor.
Club Competitions
The draws for all the Club knockout competitions have been made and are in the process of being posted
in the clubhouse. Please read the Rules carefully and ensure that if you are the challenger, you give plenty
of time to complete each match by the required date. If you have any queries or difficulties then please
contact Bob Pooley, the Competitions Secretary.

Our Green
Our bowling green is probably the most important asset of the club and it’s maintenance by our
professional greenskeeper constitutes by far the biggest financial outlay that the Club has to bear each
year. Although there were some issues with the way it played last year it still continues to be one of the
best bowling greens in the district and is regularly complimented by visiting clubs during the season.
Unfortunately, last summer there were a number of occasions when numerous divots were made on the
green, either during roll-ups, competitions, friendly matches or league games. Divots are not easily
repaired and remain as scars on the green for weeks or even months. It should be fairly obvious when a
bowler is ’dropping’ their bowl onto the green during their delivery and at the first indication that a bowler
is likely to cause divots, protection mats must be put down straight away on that rink.
Protection mats will, as a matter of course, need to be used for the first
few weeks of the season as a precautionary measure whilst the playing surface is still tender.

Friendly Matches
There has already been a good response to the request for players in the early season friendly matches
and the team sheets are quickly being filled up with names. This is very encouraging and will hopefully
continue during the summer. It does pose a dilemma to the team captains when selecting the teams as
some people have to be left out, but there will be a rotation system so that everybody will get to play in a
fair share of matches.

Saturday 5th May - 10am to 1pm
Sunday 6th May - 10am to 4pm

Come along and see what you are missing. Bowls is a very convivial and
social game where you will meet new friends and simply enjoy a friendly
game or join one of our league teams if you feel a little more competitive.
We welcome all ages and have coaches who will be only willing to help
you learn the game free of charge. Bowls is one of the least expensive
games you can play with just one annual subscription.
If you would like to try your hand at the game on one of the above Open
Days then simply come along at any time between the above times. All we
ask is that you wear flat shoes or trainers so that we can take you on the
green, followed by refreshments in the club house.

The club is located off Common Road, Stock to the rear of
The Bakers Arms PH, CM4 9NF

League Teams
The captains for all league teams are now finalising their squads and will have been in touch with their
players regarding the fixtures and team selections. Please watch the notice boards and also remember
that club shirts are to be worn for all C&D and CMBL league matches.


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